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5441 h4032 views today This says " RM - 29 Find the hair 11:27 local time, he made call to customer, 15 minutes - she was taken after that. Look at # from dream"
I looked at the numbers in my original dream on May 3rd, 2007 and they are as follows:
770 4227 217 272 125
Not sure if these are phone numbers thought, also please remember this was a dream and at the time, I did not realize that it might be related to Madeleine's disappearance. Also it's important to note that the dream happened before or about the same time as she was taken, so most likely the dream is more accurate than my remote viewings. I am sleeping with the original DD (#5441) under my pillow in hope to have another dream...nothing so far. If anyone else out there has a dream that might be related, please FAX it to me so I can post it...remember we all can do this...I'm in no way special :) My FAX number is (304) 258-0347, I live in the USA and there might be additional numbers if you are calling from outside the US.
Hi Brian,
I checked out the latest RVs, and these are my thoughts :
The phone numbers check out as (0870) 7704227 being the UK reservation center for the Mark Warner resort.
The other number could be (351) the Portugal code, pluse 217-272125. I have tried ringing this number to see if anyone answers, and it is a valid number, but noone picked up. The list of area codes for Portugal did not allow me to see exactly where it is, but I believe it is in the South of Portugal, judging by other area codes. Maybe someone can throw some light on this.
The drawings of the hotel room look a lot the photos of the appt in the Pedras Brancas building, and just because you can see the tennis courts, it does'nt mean it is the Mark Warner resort itself, it could be anywhere overlooking the resort.If only someone there on the ground could do some reconnaissance work. There is a guy with an internet caf in Praia da Luz, maybe you could find a way of contacting him ...
Also, I tried to tune in to Madeleine the other night, and I got a very cold feeling. I think she is exhausted. Please help find her soon, it's been 17 days now !
Best of luck, and please keep tuning in.
Thanks for checking out these numbers for me, will post your information.
Hi Brian,
I found a contact address for the internet caf in Praia da Luz - it is the following e-mail address :
[email protected]
Just an idea, but I thought you could liaise maybe with someone "on the ground" as it where. He might recognize some of the places in your drawings.
Also wanted to say the timing poses a problem. It is reported that the conversation between Murat and Sergei tool place at 11.40 pm, but the McCanns found Madeleine missing about 10ptm, I believe, so she was taken before then.
Just thought I should clear up the timescale issue.
Keep on working on this one, if you help find her, it would be awesome.
Thanks for checking out these numbers for me, will post your information.
It just got weirder.
The building you thought looked interesting (Pedras Brancas building) that someone e-mailed you about is right opposite the Estrela da Luz development which has 146 rooms/apparments. 
Check out this link :
You can see the same tennis courts in the photos. One building is older the PB building, the other just opened (the EdL resort). The tennis courts belong to the EdL one.
Please look and check out the tiled floor, the palm trees, etc.I so hope this helps people find something.
Keep me posted,
This might be the place, do you know if its already been searched?
Hello Brian,
Re: Madeleine McCann
Does anyone know if anyone is looking at your information at all? I hope so.
I have created a Word document with all the information that you have received on Madeleine McCann.
Please see my attachment.
I put all the information together in a document and it makes it all a bit easier to read.
I would like to mail is to someone who can have a look at it.
Do you know who I can mail this document to?
Hi, like with any missing person case authorities are sent all information I far as checking up on my RV's...I do not know. Most of the time I'm told that psychic's visions are not considered valid leads"
Will post your work ASAP....and thanks.
My suggestions:
1. The tennis courts are a big key - it has have been stated repeatedly. 
2. There are 6 tennis courts at this villa: Villa Casa da Praia
3. There are also 6 communal tennis courts in Praia Da Luz.
Have they searched a place close to these tennis courts before?
4. There are 3 people involved. 1 woman and 2 men.
Description of 1 man = wearing glasses and has tattoo on back. He has no mustache.
5. Check the phone calls made from the Ocean Club Summer Beach Resort/ Mark Warmer
from this number: 0870 770 4227 on the day of 3 May 2007.
- Check phone calls made at 11:27 the morning to a customer
- Or check a phone call on that day , with duration of 15 minutes
 Who is the customer and who made the phone call?
 6. Check all the emails sent to Ocean Club Summer Beach Resort/ Mark Warmer
 7. Strong possibility that the kidnapper worked at the Ocean Club Summer Beach Resort/ Mark Warmer
 8. Search Casa Liliana again!!!!
Look for: * Red book ,* Matches; * Cellphone
Re: This was in the news on the site below:Portuguese police have searched a villa 150 metres from the apartment where Madeleine McCann was abducted. The house, known as Casa Liliana, is owned by a British woman named Jenny Murat where she lived with her son Robert.
 9. A list of all the numbers that Brian got so far: 272; 217; 219; 770; 26A; 77A; 37; 29 Not sure what they mean?
that long number sounds more like a possible credit card number brian,not sure about in america but we have 16 numbers on our credit cards,or possibly a bank account number,hope this helps ,vincent.
Thanks, information posted.
Hi Brian
I have been fascinated by your drawings and information in relation to this
case. I have forwarded the link to a discussion board and also the website
run by the family in the hope that something productive can be done with the
information. I think your work is amazing!
With regards your latest dream that you posted on your website - it seems to
fit the details that are coming out about a phonecall between the prime
suspect Robert Murat and one of the other people they interviewed Sergey
Malinka. He is a work colleague of Mr Murat and it is reported in the
portugese media that on the night Madeleine disappeared he made 2 phonecalls
to Mr Murat (one on his mobile and one on his mothers hoem line) - one at
approx 11.30 pm.
You also mentioned a laptop - it is reported that by the time the police
went to his house on Wednesday he had already erased files on his 2
computers. Do you think this man could be connected?
here is the translated portugese news report:
using the translator )
Madeleine missing 16 days - Russian suspect erases files
SM insists to CM that his relationship with RM is a professional one, but
he called RMs house at 23h30 (11.30 pm) on the night of the crime, 2 hours
after Madeleines abduction and hasnt explained why to the PJ. He hasnt
talked about other activities he has in Algarve, and only said that hes
an IT expert, but when investigators went to get him on Wed. afternoon, he
had already erased files on his 2 computers.
SM also affirmed to CM that he never worked at Island Expedition, a firm
owned by Martin Frank, the father of a good friend, but his name is on the
site as one of the main contacts in Portugal. He says that he simply
designed the web page for them, like the simple IT contacts he had with
His mobile phone records indicate that he contacted RM twince - once at the
landline of RMs home and once on Jennifer Murats mobile phone. The first
call to the the home but there was no answer so he then called the cell
phone past 23h30.
His activities is known in the community by word-of-mouth and its from this
that he says to know the Brit. However those 2 phone calls are highly
suspect and coincidental admits a police source to CM, to when the child
was abducted from her bed from the Ocean Club 2 hours before.
He wasnt able to explain the calls, said he didnt remember. SM also tells
us that he didnt know of the childs disappearance until the next
afternoon, by the posters on the street of Luz, which left the
investigators exhasperated. The intense questioning lasted 4 hours and 40
minutes in Portimao PJ and SM insisted on the professional relationship.
In our short telephone conversation, he also told us he was heard as a
witness, but when our newspaper advanced some of the suspicions cast upon
him on Wed. the Direccao Central de Combate ao Bandisitimo, a unit
specialized in organized and violent crime, went to look for him that same
He was already very well surveilled. And before the difficult questioning,
between 22h00 and 02h40,he walked on the streed with investigators. He said
to CM that he was available to help in the investigation with his computer
expertise, it is certain that as an expert his two desktop computers had
files erased. The hard disks were clean.
# [Sandra] May 19 2007 / 1am
The rest of the article in point form (short version):
- little impact on tourism so far
- McCanns believe that Madeleine will be found
- False alarm in Greek island
- Malinka gave journalists 3 different versions of how long he hadnt spoken
to Murat: hadnt seen him in 3 months, one year, and that he didnt remember
- RM maintains silence - CM called the residence, the mother picked up phone
and said she was very busy (?) and hung up.
- Marina and Maritime Police are conducting daily searches in the sea,
between Lagos and Sagres
Hi Roison, the man that owns the laptop in my sketch is the person that took her, thanks for your help and I hope she is found soon/
Dear Brian,
I have just read a post on another website ( The poster (Vanessa) refers to your RV concerning the apartment that Madeleine is in. She believes she has found the apartments that your RV is describing. I think she is right! Take a look:
The pointy roof tops, the zig zag railing on the balconies. It is uncanny how similar it is, and they are just across the road from the tennis courts in the complex where Madeleine was taken from.
What do you think Brian?
Please post this because I would like to urge anyone who is currently in The Algarve to encourage the police to search every apartment in this complex that overlooks the tennis court asap.
I am hoping so much this is right. Sandra.
Hi, not sure, will check out these links.
Dear Brian
I have been following your dreams information concerning Madeleine.since a link was posted to your site concerning Madeleine
I noticed your drawing of the building you believe she is being held in. This apartment is in the same area.
Do you possibley think it could be this building, she is looks idential, I haven't seen anything else that looks like this, so far.
Also you have drawn the inside of the apartment (the flooring)...after just checking the inside of these apartments on their website, the drawing you have done,,is idential to your drawing... a mezzanine floor
the apartments are named Estrela Da Luz. I've attached a pic of the building for you to look at.
I think you truely have been gifted from God..
God Bless
Nicola J Alkan
Thanks, and will post your information ASAP.
Hi Brian
Having been watching your website since 9th may which is the first I have ever heard of you - but god bless you brian I am sure that he does - I have been researching your clues non stop as it is the only positive effort that I can do to find Madeleine and say to the world of evil that this is not acceptable you can not take our children
"safe 3, 272, tennis court 6, 217 - road 125, madline faro, vilamura here, no pay or murder, check the mail, she is with VA, they wanted a child, 770 4227, McCanne Safe, OCSBR"a
OK Safe 3 - I think she is safe taken at 3 years
272- don't know tried addresses telephone numbers apartment numbers telephone prefixes - would like to know the apartment number that Madeleine was staying in,
Tennis court 6, tried searching on web can't find -thinking that Portugal has communial tennis courts within the resorts??? In that a number of resorts share a number of courts??
217same as 272
check the mail??
770 4227 - diffinitely telephone number
OCSBR - Ocean club summer beach resort
two people that took her will return the child -- forgive them - 219, punish the man they paid -
so happy that she is safe is 219 something to do with the Bible?
"770 A, red bricks, nose, tattoo
You also had a cross sign I looked this up on portugese road signs and this says that this means no parking as open park land
RS police already have the kidnapper - he does this for a living - they know and are trying to find others"
"beach of light / go there, ocean sign trash V rocks, 26A
I think this is before the abduction in that people were caught on the beach taking photos of another little girl about 2 days before the abduction and told to go away by the father - Madeleine and her family were also on the beach that day - so I think you are seeing them take the photos. You drew a picture that looks a lot like the praia da luz beach on sateliite,-8.731717&spn=0.003586,0.007231&t=h&z=17&om=1
I think the other item that looks like the sign for the end of the freeway seems correct to me - also you mentioned Vilamura did they change their address after picking their child(Madeleine) to abduct? fromi Vilamoura to Praia du Luz
she is down here, tennis court"
finally with this RV there was a unusual dormer type of artechual design so I focused on that in my search please find the following properties that could be of interet - first the attached link for the satilite map shows the distance between the hotel where Madeleine was staying and the property ESTELLA du luz that I found - although I have not found the right apartment with the grey and white curtains - is this the right property it is quite large,-8.731717&spn=0.003586,0.007231&t=h&z=17&om
Estella du luz
as you keep seeing da luz 272 also a property called st James because it also looks like the unusual inverted v design
St James
I think that they are now trapped due to the over whelming interest in the case
I hope that I have something right I have a little girl like Madeleine and my heart is breaking for Madeleine - I have never prayed as hard as but Brian you have given me hope.
Liz In Ireland
Thanks Liz for reading, and thanks so much for the time you spent getting this information...have posted it.
I am hopeful a member of the McCann family will contact you in the next few days.
Hi, so am I.
warnin20932 views today1.14.2008

Hey Brian,

I found this picture today of that hand gesture in one of your Natalee Holloway dream drawings.

If you save the pic it saves as file name "NAT11'. I find that interesting as I always got the number eleven associated with Natalee.

But interestingly, this picture is a classmate of Natalee's taken at a New Year's Eve party at which Natalee also attended. AND, this same guy was on the Aruba trip with her. He is in the picture of Natalee dancing at C&C, one of the last pics taken of her. Funny how he remained in the picture but the boy Natalee was dancing with was cut out of the picture that is floating around the internet.

Maybe you could do another dream drawing on Natalee. And while you are at it, do one of Amy Bradley. I always sense they met the same fate.



Hi, thanks and will open a case on Amy,


Thank you Brian.

I attached the two pics for you for easy reference. Out of all the pics I came across while researching the Natalee case, this is the only pic that fits your DD so far.




Thanks again :)


Here is the other pic - interesting how this same guy remains in the pic, but the person Natalee is dancing with has been cropped out. Wouldn't we be more interested in the person Natalee had her last dance at C&C with?




Yes it is, and have posted all these images...hopefully we can find out something.



Natalee Holloway: What did really happen?
Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Today, Beth Holloway the mother of Natalee Holloway will appear in a special show on one of the most popular television shows in the United States, the Oprah Winfrey show. However, today in a shocking fashion local radiostations presented a press conference that revealed new and shocking information in the dissapearance of the Alabama teenager, Natalee Holloway. According to the American couple Natalee Holloway has been abused by stepfather Jugg Twitty, this according to a close friend of Beth Holloway.
Below we present a seven part audio recording of the press conference held this morning in which they present surprising new information.

The Oprah Winfrey is today at 5pm on channel 14 on Cable TV.

We at want to thank local radiostation Top 95 FM for the audio of the press conference presented this morning.

< Prev Next >

Will do and thanks.



Dear Brian,

this news was posted on a Dutch site. Apparently Peter R. De Vries has gotten a secret confession by Joran van der Sloot on video.

Friendly greetings from the Netherlands


Thanks for the link.


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