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Dream number 13603 11 September 2020 4 psychic prediction31 views todayThe upcoming bus crash was not political or an act of terrorism, it was just an accident.
2hqawjt The murder of by Shanann Watts Bella and Celest by Chris Watts psychic Brian add30 views today
anderson adrian tattoo2 missing person case closed 2020 found psychic Brian Ladd30 views todayMissing anderson_adrian_tattoo2_missing_person_case_closed_2020_found_psychic_Brian_Ladd Date of Birth
case Updates June 2020
Dream number 13614 13 September 2020 4 psychic prediction30 views todayThe shooter was paid by Rodger Stone, Proud Boys, numbers.
Dream number 13626 15 September 2020 3 psychic prediction30 views todayAustralia winning Powerball numbers starting today until the end of November 2020.
Dream number 13631 16 September 2020 1 psychic prediction30 views todayRudy Giuliani fraud case comes to an end, his death did not close the case it was the pardon? Rudy dies of a heart attack on December 7th 2020, numbers, David Correia arrest.
Dream number 13643 17 September 2020 6 psychic prediction30 views todayYou know her, please tell her the car's tire pressure is too hight, blowout kills 3 (this is not for me, so if you know this woman, tell her)
Dream number 13649 17 September 2020 12 psychic prediction30 views todayThe Epoch Times 12 arrests made, CIA not FBI. illegal search warrant clears Gina Sturdza and Emel Akan, numbers and an address (the Chinese title is 大紀元時報
Dream number 13244 2 July 2020 3 psychic prediction29 views todayday ks wtl Canada lotto 4241373635 use the zero and win!!
anderson aaron2 missing person case closed 2020 found psychic Brian Ladd28 views todayMissing anderson_aaron2_missing_person_case_closed_2020_found_psychic_Brian_Ladd Date of Birth
case Updates June 2020
Dream number 13611 13 September 2020 1 psychic prediction28 views todayThe remains of missing child Madeleine McCann located in The Beach of Light Praia da Luz Portugal hang dug grave under bolder wrapped in a blanket metal detector 217

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Dream number 13622 14 September 2020 4 psychic prediction28 views todayWhite lights in the sky.
Dream number 13624 15 September 2020 1 psychic prediction28 views todayMichael Caputo cancer diagnosis made public, he does not have cancer? IRS audit and money laundering arrest? dies in jail by guard Jim? numbers Carl Paladino arrest is not related, Jackie Speier DUI? 499 2453368
Dream number 13503 24 August 2020 4 psychic prediction27 views today7 more days, major earthquake.
Dream number 13582 9 September 2020 2 psychic prediction27 views todayJoe Exotic no pardon just a stabbing? maybe a news headline in *** days.
Dream number 13600 11 September 2020 1 psychic prediction27 views todayKim Kardashian, Chicago, numbers, she has this dream, she can feel it coming, do not go on October 21st, 1980 to November 2nd, 2020, RIP world cries all members of vehicle die? DO NOT GO ON NOVEMBER 2ND.
Dream number 13629 15 September 2020 7 psychic prediction27 views today150114524X 3-15-20 9 -18-20 ruth dies brian jesus is real, more numbers Donald Trump dies of a heart attack on December 24th 2020
Dream number 13577 6 September 2020 5 psychic prediction26 views todayMissing woman Adrianne Gilliam is alive, she is discovered during a routine traffic stop, she is working at Walmart in Palo Alto California, numbers, license plate number.

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Julie Concialdi missing woman is found at this exact location very soon burger king fry2C numbers26 views todayJulie Concialdi, missing woman is found at this exact location very soon, burger king fry, numbers

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Phoenix police are searching for a 59-year-old woman who has been missing since Sept. 4.
Julie Concialdi was last seen at her north Phoenix home near 27th Avenue and Dove Valley Road around 7 p.m. according to a statement from Phoenix police released Tuesday. Her car was found abandoned near 20th Avenue and Monona Drive — just a few miles away from her home, police say. “We love Julie very much and we would do anything to have her back home safe,” said Jessica Frantz, Concialdi's future daughter-in-law. Julie is a wonderful lady and an amazing mother," she added. Police described Concialdi as 5 feet, 1 inch tall with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. They did not indicate whether foul play may have been a factor.
Dream number 13602 11 September 2020 3 psychic prediction26 views todayCity officials pull the power on Trump rally? no, numbers, box here, not 120 but 220 AC and wiring was not bad? power goes out? no mic goes out?
Dream number 13615 13 September 2020 5 psychic prediction26 views todayJacob Wohl dies in the crash, the driver was drinking, numbers, dates, and addresses. The accident happened after he is released on bail.
Dream number 13619 14 September 2020 1 psychic prediction26 views todayMissing Martina Lopez found its way too cold numbers - on Walmart cctv - dogs - not puppy - fulton - maybe his name - church front door - she has been there twice

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Dream number 13628 15 September 2020 5 psychic prediction26 views todayWikipedia founder arrested for money launder, tax fraud and drug possession?
Dream number 13532 30 August 2020 3 psychic prediction~025 views todayPowerball, next month I think
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