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Dream number 11847 8 May 2019 4 psychic prediction47 views today
Memorial Day Tragedy, this is the main, and I don't think anyone can help stop it
Dream number 11857 10 May 2019 3 psychic prediction47 views todayMini? call 855-857-6970 13 rooms punta cann? poison in bottle, jack, USA attack.
I m home from the hospital again47 views today6/4/19

I'm home from the hospital (again) and will have something for you shortly..sorry for the delay, I'll try my best to get you everything I can record from my dreams...something it takes a while, but I always do my very best

Dream number 12047 29 July 2019 2 psychic prediction47 views todayO'Rourke compares Trump speech to Nazi rally, says El Paso could be modern-day Ellis Island, fox news kills ? people on aug 3 2019? back to school shooting, 9157797071 (censored, login to view)
Dream number 12060 3 August 2019 3 psychic prediction47 views todayJeffrey Epstein murder dreams June and July 2019, call 212-397-2255 now, Infowars leader also killed with the same heart attack vet drug (not sure if I can find a single dream about this event but will try again...the vet drug has shown up in aver 20 dreams since 2018 - its made by Russian KGB and there is no test for it, its an old modified veterinarian drug that makes people do suggestive things before their heart gives, I have a heart condition so this dream may just be for me, not real-world events) (censored, login to view)
Warnin215 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 47 views todaywarnin215 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Winning Lottery Number Predictons For Euromillions And The Uk National Lottery From April 2015 Brian Ladd Dreams 2 Brian Ladd Pychic Prediction 2019 47 views todaywinning_lottery_number_predictons_for_EuroMillions_and_the_UK_National_Lottery_from_April_2015_Brian_Ladd_Dreams_2 top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
Dream number 12169 19 September 2019 3 psychic prediction47 views todaySeptember fire starts right here.
Dream number 12180 23 September 2019 3 psychic prediction47 views todayWatch next week, even if you do not play the lottery, pay attention to the results and the numbers on this DD's (date from September 29th to December 6th, 2019)
Dream number 12219 2 October 2019 5 psychic prediction47 views todayYour child has cancer, it's ok, trust your feelings...the treatment will leed to a full recovery and a happy life.
Dream number 12293 5 November 2019 2 psychic prediction47 views todaySlow down, here is how, because I love you. Grow single tomato seed in your bedroom, keep it alive without the sun. On the 77th day God will send you a message in your dream (Note: I had another dream similar 2 weeks ago...I did not share it with you, well now I HIGHLY suggest doing what I'm doing...and its super hard !
Dream number 12346 21 November 2019 3 psychic prediction47 views todayMissing child Audrey Westfall found safe in a car here, Bret Harte by school.
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