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hernandez jose benjamin35 views todayhernandez_jose_benjamin top psyyhcc prediction pychic brian laddd psychic 2019
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Dream number 12123 1 September 2019 3 psychic prediction35 views todayGraveyard of the Pacific, ship damage in 2005, fire (see last month's dream on this pending event, the link is

it's from August 20th of the same year)
Dream number 12131 4 September 2019 2 psychic prediction35 views todaySoon.
Dream number 12133 4 September 2019 4 psychic prediction35 views todayKarlie Gusevis is alive, I spoke with her in my dream, not sure what this is.
Dream number 12140 7 September 2019 3 psychic prediction35 views todayPatricia Dean is here, pen? 4024751303 1339?
Dream number 12144 8 September 2019 1 psychic prediction35 views todayNo ipo call 966 13 862 4902 Ibrahim A. Al-Assaf murdered.
Brian Lee Wentz 1436535 views todayBrian Lee Wentz 14365
Bridget Lee Pendell-Williamson 3442835 views todayBridget Lee Pendell-Williamson 34428
Bridget Lee Pendell-Williamson 4442935 views todayBridget Lee Pendell-Williamson 44429
Dream number 12282 2 November 2019 1 psychic prediction35 views todayThis is the ISIS man who will responsible for the upcoming terrorist attack, the sad thing is his 'bioweapons' are set to trigger when an 'overdue bill' is paid and this home's electricity is restored automatically. This is the 'homemade tor bomb' that will be used as a distraction...either way, this man needs to be stopped. full details on the dd, including his address in California.
Dream number 12284 2 November 2019 3 psychic prediction35 views todayFox News alert, accident.
Dream number 12291 4 November 2019 3 psychic prediction35 views todayThis was a ufo that exploded in the sky, it's hollow and spins very fast
stop him.
Dream number 12295 6 November 2019 1 psychic prediction35 views todayTunnel fire
Dream number 12299 7 November 2019 2 psychic prediction35 views todayThe falling dream is about death, rest on the DD.
Public lottery number dream predictions for October 2019 Dream number 12277 22 October 2019 4 psychic prediction 35 views todayPublic lottery number dream predictions for October 2019
Dream number 12312 10 November 2019 3 psychic prediction35 views todayFalling from here.
Dream number 12339 18 November 2019 2 psychic prediction35 views todayTrain hits here, this is my mind kept of the upcoming train crash, going to happen soon.
Dream number 12412 9 December 2019 2 psychic prediction35 views todayA very sad event, this is an upcoming ship/boat fire that can be prevented just by rechecking the dw filter?
Dream number 12417 9 December 2019 7 psychic prediction35 views todayGoing to die.
Bek Eyr Dream number 12498 23 December 2019 2 psychic prediction35 views todayWithout a doubt this dream from December 23rd 2019 is about an airliner crash on December 27th 2019 near Almaty airport in Kazakhstan killing 12 people and injuring dozens. the letter above seems to be Бек Эйр which is Bek Air Airline

A passenger jet with 98 people on board crashed shortly after takeoff near Almaty airport in Kazakhstan on Friday, killing 12 people and injuring dozens.
The Bek Airplane, a Fokker 100, struck a concrete barrier and crashed into a two-story building, Kazakhstan’s Civil Aviation Committee said in a statement. All Bek Air flights and Fokker 100 aircraft operations in Kazakhstan were suspended pending an investigation.
The flight took off at 7:22 a.m. local time for Kazakhstan’s capital, Nur-Sultan. There was no fire at the crash site.
Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed condolences on Twitter to the victims’ families and friends, adding that a government commission was created to investigate the crash.
“All those guilty will be severely punished by the law,” he wrote.
Forty-nine people were hospitalized, 18 of them in critical condition, according to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. Among the dead are the captain of the aircraft, Marat Muratabaev, and a Kazakh journalist, Dana Kruglova, of, the ministry said.
Police guard the Bek Air crash site near Kazakhstan’s Almaty International Airport as rescuers work Friday. (Vladimir Tretyakov/AP)
Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister Roman Sklyar said at a news conference that eight of the 12 deaths occurred at the scene. Sklyar said pilot error and technical malfunctions are considered preliminary causes of the crash, according to Russia’s Tass state news agency. The aircraft’s tail touched the runway twice as the flight took off, he said.

Dream number 12547 4 January 2020 3 psychic prediction35 views todayIran targets USA Jewish schools in the USA, not him, blue and white (their worst nightmare)
Dream number 12550 4 January 2020 6 psychic prediction35 views todayCode pink murders.
Dream number 12570 8 January 2020 7 psychic prediction35 views todayMillion Day lottery 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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