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dream prediction number 5331 january 2 2014 6 dreams brian ladd41 views todayUS pledges to help victims of Mega Quake Indonesia (I believe that a very large earthquake is about to affect Indonesia)
dream prediction number 5340 january 4 2014 4 dreams brian ladd41 views todaybus he city 3 deaths 2:47 pm Jan 7th 2014 37662 dont go usa rainbow mat heater?
dream prediction number 5352 january 6 2014 8 dreams brian ladd41 views today2-4 deleham police tuft
dream prediction number 5354 january 6 2014 10 dreams brian ladd41 views todayclay
dream prediction number 5355 january 6 2014 11 dreams brian ladd41 views todayAstana deaths are related
dream prediction number 5387 january 12 2014 1 dreams brian ladd41 views todaystradium lane fake look freind xypress hughes f talking to Jacob
dream prediction number 5399 january 14 2014 2 dreams brian ladd41 views todaysame man released sarin gas during concert, police are looking for the wrong man, this is the man who shot them during Summerfest 2014 in Milwaukee, missing left eye
dream prediction number 5506 march 1 2014 3 dreams brian ladd41 views todaywarmth 2 days works in Edison #2 Apollo, Mount Olive Way NJ, here, not here, gun ???
dream prediction number 5523 march 9 2014 1 dreams brian ladd41 views today7 north 22 103 east 24 09 Muhammad eyes 379 Dalai Lama (another similar dream to that 4 others during the past month and I believe I know what this is about. dream numbers 5501 5516 5519 5221 and this one are about the Malaysia Airline's missing plane. The DD's show who did it, why and the planes current location.
dream prediction number 5566 april 4 2014 2 dreams brian ladd41 views todaypittsburg friend with arrest record jesus 7243275456 church - lake west more
dream prediction number 5567 april 5 2014 1 dreams brian ladd41 views todaycrows disease poison 7312976131 27 ?
dream prediction number 5626 may 9 2014 10 dreams brian ladd~041 views todaySearch area (2) is in yellow, there are a few items that may be buried with the child's remains that are metal, I highly suggest using a metal detector. Per the DD's, the remains are located a few feet deep under a large flat rock, you should be able to use your hands to dig, if a shovel is're in the wrong area. If anyone is in the Praia da Luz I ask that you please take a look.
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