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May 23, 2020 CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — Despite rumors circulating online, the Chaffee County Sheriff's Office confirmed Friday afternoon that Suzanne Morphew, a missing woman from the county, has not been located and there have been no arrests in connection to her disappearance.

The Chaffee County sheriff made this announcement at 5:08 p.m.

Friday, specifically confirming that "in response to widespread rumors" Suzanne hadn't been found. Suzanne, 49, has been missing since May 10, which was Mother’s Day, from the Maysville area in Chaffee County.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have joined search and investigation efforts. That day, a neighbor called 911 to report that she had gone for a bike ride and never returned that day.

On May 15, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said investigators had discovered an item on May 14 that could belong to Suzanne while searching the area west of County Road 225 and U.S. Highway 50 outside of Maysville. Check here for updates from the Chaffee County
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The FBI has joined authorities in central Colorado who are frantically searching for missing woman Suzanne Morphew, a 49-year-old mom-of-two, who was last seen on Sunday near her home in Maysville, Chaffee County, about 120 miles southwest of Colorado Springs.

Additionally, the reward for information leading to finding Suzanne has now doubled to $200,000 as the search grows more frantic.

The missing Colorado woman went for a bike ride on Mother’s Day and mysteriously vanished, authorities said. As reported by the New York Post, Suzanne Morphew, who is married, was reported missing by a neighbor on Sunday evening after failing to return home from her ride.

A search crew of about 100 people as well as eight tracking dogs and four drones completed a thorough search of the area late Sunday night and into the early hours of Monday morning, however they found no signs of the missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew.

Members from Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the South Ark Swiftwater Rescue Teams also did a missing persons search of area watersheds, and Reach Air Ambulance flew search missions over the area. So far, the four-day large-scale search has yielded no leads on the whereabouts of Suzanne Morphew.
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